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Sarah Philipp

Tomorrow gameday is here again, week 2 is coming up. But before that we would like to present you our quick questions with slot receiver Jannik Lörcks. The 21-year-old athlete of the Cologne Centurions convinced in the opening game against the Istanbul Rams in Week 1 as a reliable receiver, even in critical situations like 3rd & 10. With five catches for 54 yards he already proved his talent, but he’s just getting started. Get to know Jannik and keep an eye on him in the coming weeks.

Can you give us a statement about the game against the Istanbul Rams? 

After a bumpy start to the game, we slowly caught ourselves and showed what we are capable of. Unfortunately, we made too many simple mistakes and as a result the game was closer than it should have been.

How good was your own performance against the Rams?

After struggling with injuries last season, I was happy to be able to give 100% again this year.
I am happy with my own performance on the field. I had good catches, yards after catch and important 1st downs. However, I always see a lot of room for improvement when I watch my plays on the screen at home.

What is the key to defeating the Raiders Tirol?

The Raiders have already proven the last few years that they are a strong team. We have to bring our A game and stop the mistakes. The key to a successful game against the Raiders will be to take full advantage of our opportunities by producing fewer flags and turnovers than last game.

Quick Questions

In addition to our short interview, we asked him for five answers to our quick questions. Here are his responses:

Preferred second sport:


Opponent you’re most looking forward to:

Rhein Fire, because I’ll be playing against some good friends there.

Pregame meal:

A good breakfast, not always the same.

Pregame music:

Sometimes music to push me and sometimes music to calm me down, depends on the day.

Favorite NFL Player:

Julian Edelman, since he is retired, Cooper Kupp.


Hendrik gründete Foot Bowl am 30. April 2021. Mail: